Friday, March 17, 2017

Term One: Week Seven ~ Working Hard

The term is winding down, and with it, my interest in taking lots of photographs. Add in the continuing monsoonal rain, and I'm just making sure I capture the basics. But every once in awhile the rain stops (and sometimes the sun even peeks out) and then I make a mad dash with my camera... photographing something interesting outside, or just getting interested in what my boys are up to.
So with week seven done and dusted, here are my photographs showcasing our week.

 Our resident spider is still with us... fascinating us all when she spends portions of the daylight hours on her web dealing with food.  She gave us a scare one night when she disappeared, but she was where she belonged (up on the wall near the eaves) in the morning which was a huge relief to all of us.  We know (with winter coming) that she will ultimately die, but we are enjoying the chance to observe her habits while she sticks around.

Munchkin LOVES board games... and asks any and all of us to play with him...
First up this week he played this Very Hungry Caterpillar game with Monkey... 

Then it was on to a game of Blockus with daddy! 

I am VERY proud of the two older boys... who are putting in immense time and energy with their maths in order to get caught up. Not getting started with the textbooks until week FIVE really put them behind but they are nearly caught up!! 

Some beginner grammar worksheets for Monkey... Monster has an official grammar workbook, but to start out, Pinterest is fine as there are a plethora of grammar activities available. 

Hands-on math pages are always a treat!!  Monkey really enjoyed cutting straws to make triangles for this page. 

Thursday co-op and we were cooped up inside with torrential rain.  We studied about steam and my friend has this nifty little flower that clips onto the kettle and spins when the steam escapes at boiling point!  The kids loved it... prompting the two mums to drink WAY more tea and coffee than we needed to! 

After lunch (while the youngest co-op member napped) the older five worked together on a Querkle picture. 

Monkey did some catch up colouring during read alouds this week... 

This is how I "set" the table in the morning if I'm brave enough to work with all three boys at once!  I sit at the end of the table (bottom right of the picture) and I put the two boys who need the most assistance on either side of me, with the one who can and will work independently farther away.  Sometimes it works brilliantly... other times not so much!! 

The munchkin is a bit of a maze master... thank goodness for a wonderful website with LOTS of printable mazes... including some really hard ones!! 

Monster tackling his grammar assignment for the week. Once I have introduced the topic and taught the lesson, he completes these almost entirely independently now. 

Munchkin is still absolutely in LOVE with maths. If I let him he will complete anywhere from 4-10 pages in his textbook each DAY!!  At week seven of term ONE he is already nearly 3/4 of the way through the book... I will spend our upcoming Easter/autumn school holidays working out if he needs the challenge of a Year 1 (1st grade) textbook or if I need to review and reinforce with online worksheets for the remainder of the year! 

A page on rounding in his maths textbook was easy as for Monkey... he completed it with ZERO help from me and moved on to other work... 

Like typing up the final copy of his writing paragraph!!
It was a good week, filled with lots of hard work and serious learning! 

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