Saturday, July 2, 2016

Term Two Evaluation ~ Monkey


Read Aloud Books:
Picture Books -
**See written list**

Independent Reading:
**See written list**

Other Reading Activities:
Reading Eggs online program

(We enjoyed a Fairy Tales unit)
Snow White & Rose Red
The Sleeping Beauty
Michael Hague's Fairy Tales
The Frog Prince
Hansel & Gretel
Grimm's Fairy Tales
Read-To-Me Book of Fairy Tales

Copy work using quality literature such as Dr Seuss

Targeting Handwriting Year 2

daily oral review of weekly lists as sourced from online spelling website
(20 words per list)
written test taken every Friday

Maths Plus Year 2 Textbook
Units 9-16 covering the following topics:
multiplication/arrays, counting by 1s, 2s, 3s and 5s, estimating, informal area units, addition facts, bridging to ten, position, duration, counting back, halves and quarters, angles, volume, commutative property of multiplication, division/sharing, picture graphs, quarter to and quarter past, addition jump strategies, number patterns, three-dimensional objects/faces, informal mass units, subtraction from addition, jump strategy, turns, creating a column graph, repeated addition, counting and comparing numbers, following directions, covering areas, addition patterns, representing amounts of money, ordering chance events, the metre
Diagnostic Review 2 

Scripture and Character Building:
Bible Read Aloud:
Deuteronomy 27 ~ 1 Samuel 9

Geography/History -

Read Alouds:
(Books below were read in observance of ANZAC Day in April)
The Beach They Called Gallipoli
One Minute's Silence
Do Not Forget Australia
A Day to Remember
Simpson & His Donkey
Jack's Bugle

(Books below are Aboriginal stories)
Nana's Land

Geography - 
(We enjoyed a mini unit about Antarctica)
No Return: Captain Scott's Race to the Pole
Scott of the Antarctic
Sophie Scott Goes South
Ice, Wind, Rock
Ice Trap! Shackleton's Incredible Expedition
One Day on Our Blue Planet in the Antarctic
Antarctica Discovery
Exploring Antarctica: The Frozen Frontier
Antarctica: Human Impacts

Watched documentary special on Nat Geo People
"47 Below"

A Walk in London

Science and Technology:
The following books were read aloud:
Frogs Close Up
Tadpoles to Frogs
Ants Close Up
Usborn book about Ants
The Book of Australian Birds
Super Storms
Real Life Monsters: Creepy Crawly Creatures
Real Life Monsters: In the Rainforest

walk to and from the library
walk to and from the shops
walk to and from various parks
free play at various parks
riding scooter
soccer skills with dad

Read Alouds:
(We attempted a mini unit on nutrition)
Why Shouldn't I Eat Junk Food? Usborn
The ABC Book of Food
Meats, Fish, Eggs, Nuts and Beans
Grains, Bread, Cereal and Pasta

**We quickly abandoned our mini unit of nutrition. Sadly the books available for children still stress that fat is bad and LOTS of grain based carbohydrates are good.  Term three we will focus our attention on where babies come from and the changes involved with puberty.**

Creative Arts:
crepe paper craft
"May the Fourth" R2D2 craft
paper plate penguins and spiders

Weekly attendance of church and Sunday School
Numerous play dates with friends of multiple ages

Other Activities:
Played a variety of board and card games
  • Rummy-O
  • Mancala
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Skip-Bo
  • Chess
  • Memory
  • Blokus
  • Blink

Term School Holiday Events:
Library ~ Roll the Ball games day
Attended State of Origin Game 3
Pupil Free Lego Day

** Due to all three boys and I coming down with a cold/cough the second half of the term was much more basic from a structured learning point of view and we utilized much more natural learning as we focused on resting and healing. **

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