Friday, May 20, 2016

Term Two: Week Four ~ Midterm Slump

We had an interesting week this week.
I have ZERO photos of structured written work - though we did some.
This was one of those weeks where I embraced natural learning and just went with the flow.
Next week the boys and I will kick things up a notch.
But for now... enjoy the few photos that I do have.

Munchkin really wanted to work on the Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine Puzzles. These are 49 piece puzzles and he probably CAN do them alone once someone helps him sort edge pieces a bit, but he greatly appreciated that Monkey worked on them with him one afternoon. 

A good friend came over Wednesday afternoon with beautiful fruit and brownies and belated birthday presents for the Munchkin.  They were overseas for his birthday party and this was the first chance we had to catch up. 

Some of his gifts sparked some cooperative play among the three boys as he received a lovely cardboard castle structure and an activity book.  The older boys sat with him for quite a long time working through the activity book with him and giving him guidance and help. 

Our books for the week...
A gorgeous book that was a vehicle rendition of the song "This Old Man" 

We love Mandy Foot books and were thrilled to discover that our library has ordered more titles.  The top book is an old favourite while the bottom is a new title. 

A cute little book that plays on the "This Little Piggy" rhyme. 

Munchkin LOVES Spot books - reminds me of when my brother was younger. 

Splat the cat is another popular series that all three boys like. 

Monkey's read aloud for the week... 

 Monster and I finished the Lina series about Australia in 1956 leading up to the Melbourne Olympics.  The story was fascinating so we have worked through these books quickly.

Star Wars and Lego are the two obsessions in the house - Monster enjoyed reading through this book independently during the week. 

Finally Monster's puzzle progress for the week.

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