Sunday, April 24, 2016

School Holidays

We had a very quiet, rather laid back school holidays this term.
After an extremely busy March I decided we could all do with some down time.
So we stayed home much of the time and the boys only attended a few of their most favourite holidays programs and activities.

We really enjoyed observing this wonderful spider for several days. In the time we were able to observe it, we saw it catch, wrap, and eat four different bugs/insects.

The biggest treat over any school holidays is the iPad.
Our local library lets us borrow one for a two week period.
It runs on a waiting list so once our two week period is up, we return it, and wait for the following school holidays to reserve it again.

Our little munchkin turned four years old.
He celebrated with a pancake breakfast and presents in the morning... 

A trip to the park and hot chips (french fries) at lunch time... 

A vanilla milkshake and some ice cream at our favourite cafe in the afternoon... 

And finally, a special family dinner complete with a Peppa Pig birthday cake at night. 

Monkey lost another tooth... 

Munchkin learned a little bit about the insides of a computer while assisting daddy. 

There was time spent enjoying an old game that was mine as a child. 

We invited some friends over the last weekend of the holidays and held a little birthday party. It was supposed to be an outdoor BBQ at the park but the weather put an end to that. 

We ended our school holidays with a special treat of some new Legos as the big boys will be attending an all day Lego event during week one. Munchkin took assembling his Mixel Lego VERY seriously and even asked daddy to help him a little bit. 

Learning is an on-going, life long thing, so we still did our read alouds (Monkey's on the left, Monster's on the right) and the boys worked on their puzzles! 

Monster made MUCH more progress on his than Monkey... but that is turning out to be a lesson in perseverance I think.  All in all it was an excellent break and now we are energized and ready for lots of learning in term 2.

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