Friday, September 11, 2015

Term Three: Week Nine ~ Books and Bird Watching

As the term winds down and the boys complete their written work for the term, I find I'm photographing less structured learning time and more of our natural learning times.

This week was a mix of ALL the books we read and some time spent outdoors.  We had a first this week as well ~ for the very first time ever during a spring trip to the park ~ we were attacked by a nesting magpie.  No one was injured, thank goodness, but it was a rather scary experience for all of us and we are MUCH more cautious when we are outside now as the breeding/nesting season lasts for about eight weeks.

Monster's Independent reading for the week.

I continue to be VERY pleased with the progress Monkey is making with his reading.  These are the selection of easy readers he worked through over the course of the week.

Munchkin's selection of books that he wanted me to read to him only!

The selection of read aloud books for the week that all three boys enjoyed together.

Finally, in our travelling around through the week we really enjoyed doing some bird watching (and photographing).  The Galahs (pink and gray birds) and the Rainbow Lorikeets were out in force throughout the week and are MUCH friendlier than the nesting Magpies!
The photos of the bees are the two photographs I managed to shoot during our ill fated park visit before the mother magpie swooped the back of my neck twice to let me know in no uncertain terms that we were NOT welcome in HER park!!

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