Friday, July 31, 2015

Term Three: Week Three ~ Getting Back on Track

Week three and we're finally starting to feel normal again.
I think we are even getting back on track ~ thus I'm not longer feeling like we are perpetually behind.  I tried something new this week and used this glorious Weekly Planner sheet (found at Kmart) to pre-plan our week.  This is posted on the cupboard door in the kitchen so the boys can see exactly what I hope to achieve through the week.

First thing Monday morning we set up our science experiment as it was going to take the entire week to work properly.
Since we studied bones as part of our Human Body Unit we soaked a chicken bone in vinegar to illustrate what can happen to our bones if we don't get enough calcium.

 Our read alouds for the week... as well as some Premier's Reading Challenge books that Monster read silently to himself, our body unit books, and our history read aloud.

 Photographic proof that we do more than read ~ Monster working on his handwriting.

This week saw us getting back into the habit of our evening games ~ which both of the big boys were thrilled about.  We enjoyed playing Skip-Bo (above) and also tried to figure out how to play a new game ~ Mancala ~ below!

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