Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 5 ~ Evaluating

Week five was spent re-evaluating life and our homeschool journey after a wonderful weekend away at a Christian homeschool conference. I attended with my best friend and we enjoyed a weekend of wonderful speakers, great Christian fellowship, delicious food, and leisurely child free time.  The photo above was taken at the little Thai restaurant where we had dinner Saturday night.  I couldn't resist a photograph of my fancy Coke!!

 The beginning of the week we were blessed with some wonderful weather so we made the most of it and got outside to spend some extended time playing at the park.

 New learning resources are always great fun.
Munchkin enjoyed matching these cards... he was matching the pictures of course and not the letters in the word... but it was still fun to watch the learning processes begin.

 Mathematics is always MUCH more fun when you can involve some Lego!

 Just an example of how we work through spelling each week.
I choose a list that I've sourced online and then Monster is quizzed orally each day Monday through Thursday.  As he dictates the spelling to me I write it down on the paper.
Finally on Friday he takes a written test.

Munchkin is getting used to our system for paper cutting.
I ask that he uses a bowl to catch all the little pieces of paper.

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