Friday, April 3, 2015

Term One Evaluation ~ Monster

Read Aloud Books:

Picture Books and/or Information Books - 
Australia's Deadly and Dangerous Animals - Steve Parish
DK Secrets of the Deep Revealed
Animal Homes
A Visual Introduction to Wild Cats
A Visual Introduction to Monkeys and Apes
The Horrible Science of You
Superscience Flowering Plants
Australia the Land - A Bobbie Kalman Book
First Australians ~ The Story of Indigenous Australia by Karin Cox
Zoom! The Invisible World of Plants by Camilla de la Bedoyere
Green Eggs and Ham
Reptiles by Karin Cox
DK Plants Bite Back by Richard Platt
The Cocky, the Crow and the Hawk by Christine Nicholls
Karana The Story of the Father Emu by Uncle Joe Kirk
How the Birds Got Their Colours
Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake
The Rainbow Serpent by Dick Roughsey
Seasons in Australia ~ Summer by Greg Pyers
Fables from Africa
Australia's Explorers
Plant With Seeds
Australian Geographic ~ The First Fleet
Learning About Plants
Seasons in Australia ~ Autumn by Greg Pyers
My Place
Australian Geographic ~ Strangers in the Land
Wild Predators ~ Killer Fish
Plants and Flowers by Lynn Huggins-Cooper
Wild Predators ~ Killer Insects
Australian Geographic ~ Life in Colonial Australia
Australian Convicts
Child Convicts

Chapter Books - 
Dingo ~ The Dog Who Conquered a Continent by Jackie French
The Goat Who Sailed the World by Jackie French
Tom Appleby Convict Boy by Jackie French
Meet Grace by Sofie Laguna (My Australian Girl Series)
A Friend for Grace by Sofie Laguna (My Australian Girl Series)

Independent Reading:
see written list ~ 

Other Reading Activities:
Reading Eggs online program
30 - 60 minutes of silent reading daily

Maths Plus Year 4 Textbook
Units 1 - 9 covering the following topics:
addition facts, multiplication facts, 3D objects, centimetres, 2- and 3- digit subtraction, place value, symmetry, square centimetres, 2- and 3- digit addition, number patterns, describing position, column graphs, subtraction strategies, revising multiplication facts, describing and making objects, choosing length units, odd and even numbers, rounding to 10 and 100, polygons, time units, expanding and ordering numbers, compass points, column graphs, division facts, jump strategies, parallelograms and trapeziums, revising fifths and tenths, drawing 3D objects, split strategy for addition, am and pm time
Diagnostic Review 1

Maths Plus Year 5 Textbook
Units 1 - 9 covering the following topics:
revising 3 digit addition, multiplication facts, recognising angles, the kilometre, addition and subtraction strategies, thirds, sixths and twelfths, revising polygons, calculating area, revising 3-digit subtraction, revising division facts, picture graphs, cubic centimetres, addition and subtraction strategies, expanding numbers to 6 digits, grid reference, revising mass, multiplication strategies, problem solving, chance experiments, naming prisms and pyramids, revising 2-digit division, number patterns, dot plots, am and pm time, two digits multiplied by one digit, equivalent thirds, sixths, and twelfths, protractors, metres and kilometres, 4 digit addition with trading, missing numbers, drawing objects, picture graphs, division strategies, mixed numerals, classifying three-dimensional objects, column graphs
Diagnostic Review 1

Foundation Handwriting Year 3

Institute for Excellence in Writing Curriculum
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style program
wrote birthday thank you notes
wrote postcards to international pen pals

Scripture and Character Building:
Bible Read Aloud:
Acts: 6 ~ 2 Peter: 3
Memory Verse:
Psalm 23
Aesop's Fables

Geography/History - 
We began an Australian History Unit Study.
We utilized information books and chapters books as the core of our study.
** See read aloud and chapter book list above for book selection **
Watched Australia: The Story of Us series on channel 7
We read a variety of Aboriginal Dreaming time picture books.

Science and Technology:
Continued his personal blog
Learned how to edit photographs using Gimp program
Started independently composing and typing content of blog
Edited each entry with assistance from mum

Read aloud books (see above) on a variety of science topics
Began a unit study on plants
** See read aloud list for book selection **
Built a solar paneled helicopter with dad

Magic School Bus Episode ~ Goes to Seed
Magic School Bus Episode ~ Gets Planted
Magic School Bus Episode ~ Dinosaurs
Magic School Bus Episode ~ Body Mechanics
Magic School Bus Episode ~ Bats
Magic School Bus Episode ~ Gets Programmed
Magic School Bus Episode ~ In the City
Magic School Bus Episode ~ Takes a Dive

Began keeping a daily weather log ~ tracking high/low temps, humidity, and rainfall using Bureau of Meteorology website and other weather websites as necessary.  Writing collected data down in a weather notebook.

Kingdom of Plants ~ David Attenborough DVD
"Life in the Wet Zone"

daily oral review of weekly lists as sourced from year 4 lists on the internet
(20 words per list)
written test taken every Friday

walk to and from the library
walk to and from the shops
walk to and from various parks
free play at various parks
riding scooter

Creative Arts:
Attended Paul's Magic Show at local library

Weekly attendance of church and Sunday School
Hosted 9th birthday party for friends and family
Numerous play dates with friends of multiple ages
Attended best friend's Bowling Birthday party
Lunch at Burger shop with numerous friends
Attended cousin's 25th birthday BBQ with extended family members
Attended family friend's 40th birthday luncheon

Other Activities:
Played a variety of board and card games
  • Rummy-O
  • Yahtzee
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Skip-Bo
  • Flinch
  • Chess
  • Memory
  • Blokus
  • Naughts and Crosses
  • The Dot Game
  • Scrabble
Imaginative (self created) Lego games with his younger brother

Term School Holiday Events:
Library ~ Bingo
ANSTO ~ Water Rockets
Library ~ Popsicle Stick Crafts
Library ~ Paul's Magic Show
Library ~ Play Dough Afternoon
Library ~ Fun & Games Day

Library ~ Bingo
Library ~ Fun & Games Day
ANSTO ~ Spooky Science
Lego Day hosted at a friend's church
Taronga Zoo
Little Dynamo's Indoor Playground

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