Friday, February 20, 2015

Week Four ~ Random Photos

A week of random photos ~ so here goes!

 We started the week out with a new game. I was able to pick up Blokus at the second-hand store up the road from us.  Three pieces are missing but it doesn't really matter and the older boys are LOVING the challenge and strategy of this game.

 Munchkin enjoys a good fine motor activity.
I found these restaurant style toothpick dispensers at Kmart and picked up a pair.
I dump the container out into a bowl and then Munchkin puts them back in one at a time through the holes.  It keeps him engaged for quite awhile - until mischief takes over and he dumps them on the floor!

 Unlike his brother at the same age, Monkey seems to LOVE doing bookwork!  It thrills me but I'm cautious at the same time because I don't want to over do it and burn him out.  He routinely sits down and completes 3-4 pages in his handwriting book, or picks 3-4 pages in his maths textbooks to work on.  His goal is to "catch up" to Monster and be doing Year 4/5 work by the end of the year.  Since as far as the government is concerned he isn't in school until the end of July, I don't push him at all... if he wants to do the work he does it but if he puts up a struggle I lower the amount I expect him to complete substantially.

 Monster has taken complete ownership of his blog.  He now uploads and edits his photos on his own, and types up his descriptions as well.  My only responsibility is to proofread before he publishes.  If his spelling and punctuation are correct but the wording is a little awkward I leave it... after all, I want it to sound like he wrote it... but if it doesn't make sense I help him re-word it.

 Munchkin will often play with water and Legos in the bathroom.  This is a great activity for him as long as he remembers to turn off the tap! We have had a couple of flooding incidents when I haven't monitored him quite closely enough.

A morning of playing together... snacks, good books, and Monkey attempting to teach Munchkin how to play Memory.

Finally our read aloud selection for the week which focused only on picture books for a change.

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