Friday, July 25, 2014

Week Two ~ Sick Week

I'm not sure what we had planned for the week but everything got thrown out the window as the boys got sick!  It took them down one after the other like dominoes... but thankfully it was short lived AND it was our only illness for the ENTIRE winter!!

 This is Monster feeling feverish and cold (he came down with it first) so he spent a day wrapped up in the mink blanket watching movies.  Munchkin was still well so didn't stay long as he got too hot!

The boys rallied hard and were well enough (with an 11th hour recovery by Monkey) to celebrate Monkey's 5th birthday with a party on the weekend.  Monkey was actually still quite ill on his actual birthday and even relapsed a bit the day after his party, but he enjoyed a wonderful Hungry Jacks celebration with his friends!
 Playing Pass the Parcel

 And Musical Chairs

 Blowing out his candles...

 His official birthday photo was taken a day late since he was too sick on his actual birthday to smile!  But this photo was WELL worth the wait!

Monkey opened all his presents at home and loved everything that he received!!

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