Monday, July 14, 2014

July School Holidays

Winter school holidays brought some new activities for the boys.

 We started the holidays off straight away on Saturday (28th June) by celebrating daddy's birthday in the city with good friends.  The highlight of the day was the fireworks after dinner.

 We were back in the city two days later with another family to enjoy the "snow" at Darling Harbour.  Both Monster and Monkey were disappointed as the texture of the "snow" was more like shaved ice than fluffy snow, but it was a good experience nonetheless.

 No school holidays is complete without Bingo at the library with our favourite librarian.

 We are blessed to have several libraries close to our home and so we enjoyed a magic show at another library.  The boys enjoyed it but admitted that this lady was not as good as the gentleman the library has hosted in the past.

 The weather was cold (it is winter after all) but sunny and nice allowing for MANY trips to the park and the beach.

 We also enjoyed quiet days at home and the favourite activity seemed to be puzzles.

I always try to get a little deep cleaning and organizing done as well.

Not shown with photographs... Monster attended the school holiday super hero event at ANSTO (photographs are not allowed) and both Monster and Monkey enjoyed an all day Lego event at a local church that a friend of mine attends.

The holidays were wonderful and we were refreshed and ready for a new term of structured learning.

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