Friday, February 7, 2014

Week One - Letter Ff

As part of Monkey's kindergarten program we are studying a letter a week.
I also try to tie the letter of the week into some aspects of Monster's learning and if I can fit any of Munchkin's Tot School in to the theme I will do that as well.

Our first full week of school and the Letter of the Week is Ff
Here are some photos of the things we worked on.
Monster is welcome to participate in any of the activities he wants provided he has his own schoolwork completed.

 Monkey pasted feather's to a capital F.

Completed the Ff pages in his Handwriting Without Tears book
(marks on his skin in top picture are dots he gave himself with texta)

Played with the fishing game in the bathroom sink.

 Dot traced an Ff page with his bingo marker!

 Completed this fish puzzle with some help from Monster.

And both boys enjoyed making this "F is for frog" craft!

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