Friday, July 12, 2013

School Holiday Events

The boys enjoyed a variety of events over the two week school holiday period.

They LOVED the Liquid Nitrogen show held at a local museum.

Lots of hands-on experiences and learning at a space event at the same museum.

 And a day to learn about and interact with BUGS!!
Monster got a tad nervous as this stick insect climbed up his shirt.

They also attended another space program that was mainly craft based.
Due to the fact that Munchkin was awake and restless I have no photos of that event.

Our local library always has a great selection of activities to attend.
This school holidays they enjoyed a puppet show put on by Murphy's Puppets.
We also attended a Bingo afternoon and a Board games day!

Monster also attended a science based cooking session at ANSTO that daddy took him to, but due to their rules and regulations no photographs are allowed to be taken.

All in all we enjoyed our school holidays and the programs on offer to us.

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