Friday, May 17, 2013

Letter of the Week - Aa

My plan for Monkey this year was to do an informal preschool program that focused on a Letter of the Week.  We have just begun our alphabet adventure only for me to learn that Monkey already knows all the letters in the alphabet.  However, I still intend to continue with the program and his knowledge level simply allows me to be a bit more flexible (always good with a 1 year old Munchkin running around) and to focus on the craft aspect of the program.

Below are the photos I chose from our week of work.
Monkey really enjoyed creating an "Ant" and an "Apple"

Other activities included watching the Disney cartoon of Johnny Appleseed
reading Ten Apples Up on Top and other "A" books

I hope to extend and expand this program but for the first letter I was pleased with what we accomplished.

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