Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mid Week Activities

Our first week of school flew by.
Here are a selection of photos showing some of our activities from Tuesday to Thursday.

An early morning matching game for the Monkey!
He LOVES this set of Thomas the Tank Engine cards he got from some friends of ours.

Chalk drawing on the way to and from library for Monster.

Somehow our walks to the library on Tuesdays almost always turn in to nature walks.
This week we spotted this Cicada skin on the telephone pole.

We got a start on the 500 piece Map of the World puzzle from Auntie Heather.
This was an evening activity as Monkey is simply too young and would have caused problems.

Monkey LOVES to draw while Monster is doing his book work for the day.

Finding information books is a highlight of our library trips now.
This book was a favourite for the week.

The Wii is very helpful for burning extra energy on rainy days.

Our puzzle progress after only three nights - Monster did most of the work - I only helped occasionally.

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